The important thing is to accept the idea that there are food corporations that are deliberately keeping other people starving in the world, meanwhile they waste resources for a profit. This isn’t Marxism, this is reality. You can keep living a lie and don’t understand the suffering that this economic system has created, or you can change it. 

I personally cannot accept the idea as a human being that we rather throw all of this away, rather than feed somebody with it. It isn’t just lazy and stupid. It’s evil.

I was a Junior in high school when I turned the TV on. James Huberty went to a restaurant, shot everyone up with a machine gun. It was from my hometown. We talked about it til the sun went down. Then everybody got up and stretched and yawned and then our lives went on.

And I just left Safeway, when I walked through my doorway. When a guy took a bullet to an island and shot up a bunch of little kids up in Norway. Called a few of my friends round here, but no one much really cared. But I did, because I’ve got a lot of friends there.

I just arrived in Seoul, by way of Beijing. I had an hour to myself in my hotel when I turned on the TV. It was quite a thriller, CNN was recording the bat man killer. His eyes were glazed like he was from Mars. Yesterday he was no one, today he was a star.

I was down in New Orleans, at the model o. Enjoying some time all to myself when I turned the TV on. There were shootings in a Portland mall. It was everyday America and that’s all. It was just another one walked down Royal Street, the rest of the world was out having fun.

December fourteenth, another killing went down. I got a letter from a fan he said Mark say a prayer for Newtown. I ain’t one to pray, but I’m one to sing and play for women and children and moms and dads and brothers and sisters and uncles and aunts.

December twenty-fifth, and I was just laying down. I picked up a pen, I wrote a letter to the guy in Newtown. I said I’m sorry bout the killings, and the teachers who lost their lives. I felt it coming on, I felt it in my bones and I don’t know why.

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