Road To Mirapuri cassette out now on NO=FI Recordings !!!

With this new release you will gain access to our new explorations in the lands of RNBW ! Follow the Rainbow Road thru the Mirapuri Jungle! Discover the mighty Lagoon spirits!

SIDE A - Rainbow Road

SIDE B - Mirapuri Lagoon

Here’s the beautiful bio by Toni of NO=FI:

RAINBOW ISLAND are back with new recordings after their great debut album (RNBW - LP), out one year ago on Flying Kids Records.

This four piece band keeps on exploring dreamy and  solitary colourful islands which probably exist exclusively in their twisted minds.

Listening to this album we are driven through psychedelic roads made of oscillators and arpeggiators, heading towards this magic world called Mirapuri.

This land is erected with drones, synths and electronic percussions; an intangible voice rises to tell visitors Mirapuri’s primitive stories and  ritual liturgies, and sometimes it just screams against shadows in the forest.

At the end of the Road, you start to glimpse the Lagoon, while walking on a bridge assembled with psych loops. This is  the place where the Rainbow ends and maybe… who knows… we’ll find also the pot of gold! And if not… damn, it has been a wild-eyed wander at any rate !

RAINBOW ISLAND sounds like some Black Dice were fighting against italian 70s synth-progressive or could sound like kinda of bongo-loid Fuck Buttons were playing in a jungle.

And it’s all in a really nice cassette with a cover printed on Risograph, limited to 100 copies. what’s more?


next on NO=FI Recordings - Out on Dec the 20th -
RAINBOW ISLAND - Road to Mirapuri (tape)
artwork by Giuditta Matteucci

more infos at nofirecordings@gmail.com

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To the Rainbow Road

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Pomodori verdi fritti… a Casal Palocco.


Il film l’abbiamo visto tutti. Il piatto che dà il nome al film invece non tutti sanno prepararlo bene. Qui andate sul sicuro, nomen omen. Ah, tenetevi un posticino per il dolce.



Fried green tomatoes in Rome. Gotta try next time I go visit.


Giorgiana Masi, uccisa dalla polizia a 19 anni.

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Indian chiefs. Artwork by Chiara Fazi

Chiara Fazi ritrae indiani per Lone Horn (band dove suono).



Old friends Wildmen from Rome, Italy. If you like some kick ass garage rock, they don’t take prisoners!


It’s been a decade since I walked in the Forum. It remains one of my favorite places.

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