“If you’re so pro-life, do me a favour: don’t lock arms and block medical clinics. If you’re so pro-life, lock arms and block cemeteries.” Bill Hicks (via billhicks)

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Senator Wendy Davis is a fucking badass.

There’s this bill that they are trying to pass in Texas that would make it illegal to get any abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, and would make it very difficult for abortion centers to continue doing what they do. Governor Rick Perry has already said that if the bill makes it to his desk, he will sign it. And Wendy Davis said fuck no that is not happening.

So she’s filibustering it. That means she asked to talk on the subject at 11:18 this morning, and if she can continue talking about abortion until 11:59 tonight, the bill won’t reach Governor Perry, and they would have to start all over with the bill next time they meet- 2 years from now.

But Wendy has to keep talking. She can’t pause for even a minute, not for food or a sip of water or to go to the bathroom or sit down. She can’t even lean up against anything, or she’s out. So she’s wearing motherfucking PINK NIKE TENNIS SHOES in the middle of the state senate.

She also has to continue talking about the topic. She sent out tweets an other messages last night asking for anyone and everyone’s abortion story, and received a shit load of answers. Her staff is still collecting them, and she’s reading them aloud to the senate. Not only is she making this bill impossible to pass, she may just change some minds while she’s at it.

This is history, guys. Wendy Davis is a motherfucking badass, and we are watching it happen.

She’s putting on for my state and city! Yehyuh!

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In 1969 … Nixon strategist Kevin Phillips offered a blueprint for crushing the Democrats’ New Deal coalition by recruiting Southerners and Catholics to the G.O.P. …

Nixon’s advisers urged him to reconsider his position on abortion and family planning. … Observing that abortion was “a rising issue and a gut issue with Catholics,” Buchanan wrote, “If the President should publicly take his stand against abortion, as offensive to his own moral principles … then we can force Muskie [one of Nixon’s potential democratic challengers up for the nomination] to make the choice between his tens of millions of Catholic supporters and his liberal friends at the New York Times and the Washington Post.”

A week later, in a statement to the Department of Defense, Nixon borrowed the language of the Catholic Church to speak of his “personal belief in the sanctity of human life—including the life of the yet unborn.”…

Abortion wasn’t a partisan issue until Republicans made it one. In June of 1972, a Gallup poll reported that sixty-eight per cent of Republicans and fifty-nine per cent of Democrats agreed that “the decision to have an abortion should be made solely by a woman and her physician.” Fifty-six per cent of Catholics thought so, too.


“The Politics of Planned Parenthood and Women’s Rights;” The New Yorker 

November 2011

Literally all of the ~~moral~~ bullshit the GOP puts out about abortion has its origins in a Nixon campaign strategy designed to get him to run against a weak candidate: McGovern. Nixon wanted to run against him, rather than Muskie, so he came up with some moral crap about abortion to destabilize Muskie’s support base, which ensured that McGovern received the nomination and ran against Nixon.

He didn’t even really believe in what he was saying. And he politicized it. And forty years later, look at the mess we have now. 

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Giorgiana Masi, uccisa dalla polizia a 19 anni.

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“Pro-life” is not pro life. “Pro-life” is anti choice. Pro-life individuals will have you believe taking away a vagina possessors’ right to choose saves life. It doesn’t. Abortion will happen, legal or illegal, safe or unsafe. Making abortion illegal does not equal more life, it equals more people* dead from unsafe abortions and more unwanted children. That is all.

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