Menschen - Mensch, Teil, Foto, DDR - Gerd Danigel - Fotograf aus Berlin

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Joe McRedmond of Hoover

Washington, D.C. - Black Cat

April 1994 - Photo by John Davis

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Dolly, Waylon, Loretta and Willie - all behind the lens of New York based photographer Stephanie Chernikowski. Chernikowski has been on the NY photo circuit since the early 70s when she moved to the Big Apple from Texas. She’s captured numerous legends with her 35mm and her photojournalism has appeared in countless publications including Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Journal of Country Music & The New York Daily News.

Dang, a bunch of classic photography has been bubbling up over the past few weeks.

Stephanie Chernikowski’s site (it’s an angelfire site, so you know it’s up-to-date (I thought angelfire went belly up years ago))


Jamal Penjweny Photographs Of Iraqi People And Their Failed Sports Stardom Dreams

Jamal Penjweny, an Iraqi Kurdish photographer, artist and filmmaker, creates I Wish- a simple yet poignant series of photos that feature people who have dreams of sport stardom but lack the ability and/or possibilities to make their dreams come true.

 As children we all have dreams of becoming famous, we see Maradona play soccer or a Bruce Lee film and think that we will be stars like them when we grow up. But life gives us another way, we become something else, and we do not get a chance to live these dreams.

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All of the above photos were taken between the years 1868 and 1880, or at the height of the Plains Indians wars (the Sioux uprising).  Those pictured are all Oglala Sioux, Crazy Horse’s people.  I came across these photos during my research on the Teton Lakota and these and MANY more great pictures can be found at Sioux Reseach - Dakota, Lakota, Nakota (  If you don’t know these peoples’ names, I’ve provided them in a caption with each photo.  And, if you don’t know their stories, I’d encourage you to read all about them.  Just read pretty much anything you can get your hands on concerning the Plains Indians, particularly the Sioux and Cheyenne.  They are, most probably, the greatest people who ever lived. 

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Bathroom wallpaper at Don’t Look Back.

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