“One in 86 adults—double the national average—ends up behind bars in the Pelican State. That is five times higher than Iran, and 13 times more than China.

Louisiana has created a system more efficient and despondent than state run prisons or regular privatization. The costs are low, profits high and human life is a commodity that allows the market to keep growing.”
Louisiana’s Incarceration is a private business (via thepeoplesrecord)

(Source: thepeoplesrecord, via potoman)


Members of America’s only all-female chain gang march to a bus that will transport them to their worksite outside Estrella jail in Phoenix, Az. With a few exceptions, chain gangs were abandoned in the U.S. by 1955, but Arizona reintroduced the practice in 1995. The women volunteer for the duty, looking to break the monotony of jail life. Most are in for minor convictions and are housed at a collection of surplus military tents erected next to the Maricopa County jail to ease overcrowding. Photograph: Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA

So Let’s summarize, racism against legal immigrants, misogynist law against women birth control and now this. What else?

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