Hospital toilet art. Berlin.

Something is very wrong in America.

  • United Kingdom: Has a public universal healthcare coverage system.
  • Canada: Has a public/private universal healthcare coverage system.
  • France: Has the number one public/private universal healthcare coverage system in the world.
  • A ton of other countries: similar thing.
  • USA: Does not have a public universal healthcare system. Spends more money on health than the UK, Canada or France do but still US citizens have a shorter life-expectancy, a higher bankruptcy rate and a much higher infant death rate. Shuts down its government while politicians fight over health insurance plans.

“The Republican Party is bending its entire will, staking its very soul, fighting to its last breath, in service of a crusade to make sure that the working poor don’t have access to affordable health care. I just thought I’d mention that in plain language, since it seems to get lost in the fog fairly often. But that’s it. That’s what’s happening. They have been driven mad by the thought that rich people will see their taxes go up slightly in order to help non-rich people get decent access to medical care.” Kevin Drum (via motherjones)

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Holy fuck. What a line.

BOOM! nailed it.


LBJ Signs the Medicare Bill

On July 30, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed Medicare into law.  The event took place at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and LBJ told the nation that Medicare “all started with the man from Independence.”

Truman was the first president to publicly endorse a national health insurance program.

As a Senator, Truman had become alarmed at the number of draftees who had failed their induction physicals during World War II. For Truman these rejections meant that the average citizen could not afford visiting a doctor to maintain health. He stated “that is all wrong in my book. I am trying to fix it so the people in the middle-income bracket can live as long as the very rich and the very poor.”

Truman’s first proposal in 1945 provided for physician and hospital insurance for working-aged Americans and their families. A federal health board was to administer the program with the government retaining the right to fix fees for service, and doctors could choose whether or not to participate. This proposal was defeated after, among many factors, the American Medical Association labeled the president’s plan “socialized medicine” taking advantage of the public’s concern over communism in Russia.

Even though he was never able to create a national health care program, Truman was able to draw attention to the country’s health needs, have funds legislated to construct hospitals, expand medical aid to the needy, and provide for expanded medical research.

In honor of his continued advocacy for national health insurance, LBJ presented Truman and his wife Bess with Medicare cards number one and two in 1966.  

Image: Harry S. Truman’s Medicare Card #1.

Photo: President Lyndon B. Johnson shakes hands with former President Harry S. Truman at the signing of the Medicare Bill. LBJ Library #34897-14.

More - Truman’s Plan for National Health Insurance 

-from the Truman Library and the LBJ Library

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Federal data released for the first time shows the wildly different amounts hospitals are charging Medicare to perform the same procedure.

See how hospitals near you are charging with this New York Times interactive.

This chart from the Washington Post lets you compare the highest and lowest averages in your state. 

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The Army has a huge suicide problem. In July, the number of soldiers who killed themselves (38) amounted to more than double the number from the previous month; that was also the highest one-month tally since the military began keeping suicide records. That brings this year’s total suicides for active-duty soldiers to 116 so far, and doesn’t even account for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder or depression.

To address the rampant problem, the Pentagon is investing $3 million for doctors at the University of Indiana to develop a new solution: A nasal spray that, hopefully, will keep depressed soldiers from making irrational decisions.

Could a nasal spray lower the Army’s suicide rate? Here’s how it works…

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Conservatives react to the Affordable Care Act on twitter.

Is anyone gonna tell these people that Canada uses provincial government healthcare systems and public health insurance or is everyone just going to sit back and watch these people make asses of themselves?

Wait, don’t answer that.



Wait since Obama care passed they are moving to Canada where they have public healthcare, because they are against it… They should move to the Netherlands.

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