Homemade red beans and mushroom burger with almond crusted zucchini gratin and gorgonzola. I love it when I have time to make this stuff.


Pasta Currywurst



They live.

The important thing is to accept the idea that there are food corporations that are deliberately keeping other people starving in the world, meanwhile they waste resources for a profit. This isn’t Marxism, this is reality. You can keep living a lie and don’t understand the suffering that this economic system has created, or you can change it. 

I personally cannot accept the idea as a human being that we rather throw all of this away, rather than feed somebody with it. It isn’t just lazy and stupid. It’s evil.

My first pizzas, Thanks Adi for the dough!


Found something that resembles flour tortillas, figured out that saure sahne is indeed Sour Cream despite what I found on the internet, time for Sunday tex mex squash casserole in Berlin.


Zucchini flowers stuffed with Gruyère tempura.
Recipe here

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