Sometimes music works better than words.

(Source: Spotify)

(Source: Spotify)

I will wat for you in the green, green spaces,
Wearing our post-industrial faces.
Side by side sit the trashpile twin,
And the eleventh century center of the Misissippian,
With the calender of the sun,
A people undone.

Ceremonial mounds in the backyards and towns,
That’s the way it runed out.
A city built up on the other great mound torn down,
That’s the way it happened.
A culture on the run,
They vanished in the sun,
The Mississippian.

Forward and on we go,
Building our mounds out of control,
Full of our finest throw away things.
The new Mississippians,
Under a smog choked sun,
Waiting to be undone.

(Source: Spotify)


The song written and performed by the Cowboy Junkies in 1992 about Oregon Hill in Richmond. Read more about the story and see original lyrics here.

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I had a fun shoot today with the Blue and the Grey.  I know you will ask, so the masked guy finds a different way to conceal his identity for band appearances.Tonight, it was a tribal mask.  


A special thanks to the wonderful staff at WRIR for having us play during their Spring Fund Drive. It was awesome!

For more goofy masks, pyrotechnics and good tunes, come out March 20th at 5pm at Hardywood Brewery where we’ll be playing along side Boston country rock sensation Cask Mouse, and barrels of delicious fresh released Baltic Porter!

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To all fans and Richmonder’s who are able to receive 97.3 WRIR FM… We will be playing LIVE sometime after 2PM this Saturday March 16th. Please tune in and support local music and “radio for the rest of us”.

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Dear friends,

Your favorite Centaurs, The good ole Blue and the grey boys band from Richmond, would be playing a very special set for a a very special event in an hour or so!

Special set list for the event will include The Blue and grey originals and a special selection of tunes Including:

  1. Violent Femmes, Blister in the Sun
  2. Bruce Springsteen’s I’m on fire
  3. Ryan Adams, Come pick me up
  4. That person on the radio’s, Call me maybe
  5. And the LOLZ.

Come on out after work today to grab a pint and hear some tunes at Center of the Universe Brewing. We’ll be playing from 5-8:30PM. If you don’t come, you’ll make this unicorn go mad!

(Source: theblueandthegreyband)


    Join us this Friday for what might be the most perfect happy hour event in history at Ashland’s own COTU Brewing Company for some live music and libations including the brewery’s latest creation: Monkey’s Uncle Lemongrass Tripel! They’ll be opening at 4pm and we’re kicking off the music around 5pm and playing til they kick us out!

Much love.

The Blue and the grey

(Source: theblueandthegreyband)

Outside Tumblr, I’m a Unicorn and I play the drums with the Blue and the Grey. 

If you want to see me turn into a Unicorn come to Strange Matter on Monday Night. We’ll be playing with the Long Arms and the fabulous, Delta Saints.

929 W. Grace street, doors open at 9pm. We play first.

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