Austrian immigrant and entrepreneur, Chef Herman, stands up with his team to say, “We built our business!” Check out more Built By Us stories here:

I sincerely hope there’s someone in Romney’s camp that’s in on this joke and it’s not a genuine misinterpretation of what Obama actually said or the concept behind actually said things.

In case the answer is “Nope.”, let’s break this down. The “we” already implies it was a group effort. The caption contains the word “team”, also reinforcing that this business wasn’t built by one man, alone.

Finally, they’re standing in front of a building built by several people, likely paid for by a small business loan, is staffed by more than 3 people, and funded by patrons from the community, who likely pay with money THEY earned somewhere else. Not to mention the team of people that made this very image possible and the millions thousands of people that will share this message with their networks.

Look… I get that Romney feels he can capitalize and run with this gross misinterpretation, but the thing that really grinds my gears is this whole notion that the people who are helping you every single day aren’t worth praise or that they’re something to even be ashamed of.

We’re all connected, often in supportive roles, and that’s kind of awesome.

Stop denying it. Stop being ashamed of help. Be proud that you people around you that are willing to exchange their time, energy, and money to participate in your dreams and aspirations.

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