No sooner than a gunman kills people in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, there is an analytical outpouring in the media: Who? Why? Where?

This is expected. However, what one expects to hear and see is a consensus that a prime cause for mass killings in America remains pretty much the same from the mythical wild west days to the present: The shockingly easy availability of firearms.

There are so many bans pouring down from the American skies on so many innocuous things (including a banning of gay members from the Boy Scouts), but no long-term desire to ban firearms (the joke is that mere fireworks are banned).

A ban on guns isn’t in America’s foreseeable future. Violence is normalized in all aspects of the culture, and the fact that gun deaths are highest in Alaska, nature-wise the most pristine of the states, is an indicator of this normalization.   

Sadly true. You can still change your future people, you can still ban the violence, you can still prevent deaths. There is no freedom in the power of killing people, just grief.

(Source: the-greenrose)

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