If you’re a fan of Tumblr’s recently updated Android app, consider the wisdom of Tumblr’s own Android expert Chris Haseman. He recently released his second book, Creating Android Applications: Develop and Design. Available for Kindle download and paperback purchase via Amazon, Chris shows you how to use the powerful set of Android tools to begin creating the next generation of Android applications.

“I wrote the book because learning Android is hard in a few ways,” he says. “Doing a bunch of searches on how to write an Android application gives you information without knowledge.”

Creating Android Applications provides a complete introduction to developing for Google’s mobile OS, offering tons of insights and hard-earned advice. After a tour of how to install and configure the Android SDK and Eclipse IDE, you jump right in to build your first Android project.

“Android has several traps for beginners all of which I’ve fallen into. The book, in a way, is my best attempt to help new people avoid them,” Chris says. “Plus, I’ve always wanted to dedicate a book to my wife, and this seemed like the shortest path to get there.”

One day I will be as awesome as this guy. A certain someone says it takes 10 years. Only 8.8 more to go for me.

Nice!  Congrats!

(via anetapoland)

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