I need to be reminded of this. Forever.

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Black Flag, 1984, England, by Digby Pearson

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What does September mean to you? Add your ideas to the Mix!


It was around 4 years ago you passed Mark Linkous, I still remember that article they ask me to write to commemorate your career. It was hard I didn’t know what to say, I don’t remember what I wrote anymore, I thought it was important though so I did the best I could.

2 of this past 4 years I spent in Richmond, Virginia I didn’t know you lived there at one point, I didn’t know your brother did. 

Sometimes they ask me how it was like, I don’t know, I have no answer to that but pretty much that’s how it sounded like in my head. 

You just knew how things sound like in our heads. It was your gift.

Lil Bub + Steve Albini. What can I say? Hard to beat that one.


From Oliver, a cat who owns many things.


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